Amp 428BS12HT-1 Golden Motor 10KW BLDC Sprocket

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ATTN: Golden Motor has just recently changed the size of the 10Kw BLDC motor keyway to 8mm. This sprocket will fit the previous 1/4" keyway version of the 10kw motor, not the newer 8mm keyway version.

High performance sprocket made specifically to fit the Golden Motor 10KW BLDC.
Sprocket comes complete with keybar and stainless steel set screws.

Chain Size : 428
Teeth : 12
Bore Diameter : 1" with 1/4" key
Fits Motor : 


Every sprocket is made with high quality hardened steel with galvanized coating to resist rust and corrosion. All sprockets come complete with perfect fit key bar and stainless steel set screws.